Mixee Labs Overview

Company Overview

Mixee Labs enables anyone to design and buy 3d printed products. We are an e-commerce platform that addresses a growing trend of personalized production through application based design. We empower the consumer by having them participate in the design process, while allowing the designer to quickly go to market, build a brand, and earn passive income.

In each web app, or "creator," the consumer can actively tweak the parameters of the template that the designer has set up. Anybody will be able to create unique objects without knowing how to model, and watch them come to life without needing to buy a 3D printer. Working with our production partner, Shapeways, we manufacture these objects on-demand using 3D printing and ship directly to the customers.

Using Mixee Labs, both designer and shopper have more flexibility in terms of creativity and final product design. The designer doesn’t need to remodel for specific requests and his customer base can build on his ideas, evolving the model into a suite of dynamic objects. Initially, we are launching with our JavaScript Platform. However, those who are more designers than coders need not worry. We are currently developing a complementary platform that will enable 3D modelers who don’t know how to code to make creators as well.

We launched with a figurine creator, Mixee Me, in November. Within the first month, it was a top 5 shop on Shapeways, and in Time Magazine's Top 10 3D Printed Gifts of the year.

We will work with all designers to make sure their prints are manufacturable, and consult with them on material choices before we publish each creator.

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Some Examples of our Product..

Quark Jewelry Creator by Stijn van der Linden of Studio Virtox

Quark Jewelry’s innovative design draws on the intricate movements of subatomic particles. In Stijn’s own words, "Ever since I first learned about subatomic particles and their spiral movements in magnetic fields, I could not help but be inspired. I got to work to capture this beauty in jewelry." Virtox has been a leading figure in the 3D printing community and his designs have been featured on Wired and the Today Show.

Quark Jewelry Creator

Lots of Quarks

Mixee Me by Mixee Labs

Mixee Me enables you to create your own army of little people-either for yourself or as gifts to your friends and family. Mixees make great gifts for others. Delight your friends and family with a 3D Printed character, made by you!

Mixee Me Easy Creator

Mixee Me Easy Creator

Who are the founders?

Aaron Barnet, Mixee Labs

Aaron Barnet is the lead developer and architect. Prior to starting MixeeLabs, he worked at a hedge fund building trading software. He loves programming, reads voraciously about technology and startups, and enjoys food. Aaron studied Computer Science at Yale.

You can contact him at aaron@mixeelabs.com.

Nancy Liang, Mixee Labs

Nancy Liang is the design and business lead for the team. Priority to MixeeLabs, she ran the Materials Product Group at Shapeways. She has experience in developing materials for 3D printing, as well as designing and producing 3D printed consumer facing products. Nancy studied Cognitive Science at Yale.

You can contact her at nancy@mixeelabs.com.

High Resolution Photos for Use

Quark Jewelry

Lots of Quarks Quark Jewelry: download high res image

Quark Jewelry Quark Pendant: download high res image

Quark Jewelry Quark Earrings: download high res image

Quark Jewelry Quark Jewelry: download high res image

Mixee Me

Mixee Me group Mixee Me Group: download high res image

Mixee Me as chess pieces Mixee Me Chess: download high res image

Mixee Me group MIxee Me Group: download high res image

Other Creators

Mixee Me group Knotty Ring download high res image

Mixee Me group Knotty Rings download high res image

Mixee Me group Wave Bracelets download high res image

The Team

Quark Jewelry Aaron Barnet(left) and Nancy Liang (right): download high res image


Mixee Me logo
download high res image

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing is a growing industry that is rapidly capturing the imagination of everybody. Forbes estimates that 3D Printing will be a $3.1 billion industry by 2016.

With 3D printing, objects are built layer by layer. This makes one off production more cost effective.

Currently, people use 3D printing to make everyday objects like repair parts, jewelry, toys, and other customized goods. However, the number of people who can make these files are limited. Here at Mixee, we want to bridge the gap and make 3D printing accessible to anybody. We want to create products that make it easy for anybody to 3D model.

More Questions? Contact us!

Nancy Liang

Design and Business Lead
Email: nancy@mixeelabs.com
Twitter: @nliang

Aaron Barnet

Technical Lead
Email: aaron@mixeelabs.com
Twitter: @aronbarnet

Thanks! Love,
Aaron & Nancy
Team Mixee