Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Creator?

A creator is a web app where customers can actively tweak his or her own product! Designers set up product templates, and anybody can tweak parameters to create their own uniqe and customized thing. Yes, this means anybody will be able to create unique objects without knowing how to model, and watch them come to life without needing to buy a 3D printer.

Try one out! Start with Quark Jewelry Creator, or how about the Mixee Me Creator?

Screencap quark

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $6.50 for US.

Do you ship out of the US?

Currently we only ship within the US, but you can contact us about doing a one off special order.

How long does it take to get my order?

It depends on the product. They most likely will arrive in 1-2 weeks. Colored plastic and silver products might take up the 3 weeks (due to the additional post processing steps required).

I have an idea! Do I need to code to get on your platform?

Right now, at this particular moment.. yes. Well, sort of. We have a developer's platform which translate JavaScript code (Three.js to be precise) into creators. However, those who are more designers than coders need not worry. We are currently developing a complementary platform that will enable 3D modelers who don’t know how to code to make creators as well. So if you don't code but can model, e-mail us, and maybe we can give you a sneak peek into our modeler's platform.

Why can't I publish my creator?

We have a quality review process before we publish anything. We want to work with you to make sure each creator you make is printable. We also want to work with you to get nice photos of your final objects, and of course, help you promote your work. This review process takes time to do an excellent job with each creator launch.

How do the designers make money?

We have fixed production cost for each material, set by our production partner Shapeways. Designers can set their own markups on top of the production cost (Mixee Labs takes a percentage as well). We work with each designer to work something out to suit their needs. Some designers prefer to license us their product, and they get a percentage of the retail price. Others prefer to do a profit split with us (after production costs and payment fees are accounted for). Contact us for more information.

Are 3D Printed products safe for children? (dogs?)

These products are designed to be decorative objects and not toys. They are not designed to survive rough play. They should definitely be kept out of reach of anyone who might put them in their mouth! While we don't believe there's anything dangerous about a these products, we have not done any child safety testing or certification. Our dog, Ajax, has chewed up his fair share of the 3D printed plastic. He is healthy, but that is by no means an official certification of pet safety.

How does 3D printing work?!

Layer by layer, the Shapeways robots binds bits of powder together along to make a solid figurine. With Mixee Me (printed on a ceramics-y clay-ish material), color is also printed on the model. It is dipped in Cyanoacrylate (superglue) to strengthen the model and brighten the colors! Please note: Mixee Mes are fearful of water, contact with water tends to wash out their colors. Our plastic, silver, and stainless steel can come in contact with water with no issues.

With our plastic, color is applied via dyes after the model is made.

With Stainless Steel, powder is bound together with glue layer by layer, and then infused with bronze.

And finally with silver, Shapeways (our production partner) 3D prints the wax, and then cast it in Sterling Silver.

Complicated? Well, lucky for you, you don't have to worry about running machines and casting and whatnot. Make something with our easy creators, sit back, and wait from your objects to arrive at your doorstep.

Wait... I have more questions!

Oh rly? Let us know!

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