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Fantasy Football Trophy

Here's a trophy for the champion of your fantasy league. You can customize it with your initials, emboss a small message, or even upload your own graphics. Celebrate your sport with 3D printing this season by creating a personally branded mini-Football Helmet. This is the perfect gift for any football fan.

This product is 3.5 x 3.5 x 4 inches. It is made with 3D printed full color sandstone. This material feels like unglazed ceramics. The surface texture is slightly sandy, like fine dry coral or sandstone.

Andrew Thomas designed this product to bring 3D Printing to the world of Fantasy Football. The preset sports logos were designed by Sue Kwong.

Care instructions: This product is made with 3D Printed Sandstone. If it gets dirty, brush off the dust with a dry toothbrush. Do not expose the product to water as it may cause the color to run.