About Us

Mixee Labs is a platform for designers to create customizable products and sell them online. We manufacture these customized goods on-demand using 3D printing. Anybody can customize products without knowing how to model, and anybody can own 3D printed products without buying a 3D printer.

With our JavaScript Platform, developers can program 3D objects using JavaScript. They can set parameters that others can use to tweak the object. In the future, we also plan on adding platforms that enable 3D Modelers who don’t know how to code to make interactive product creators.

We will work with all designers to make sure their prints are manufacturable, and advise them on material choices before we publish each creator.

Mixee Labs Team

MixeeLabs builds online software to make creativity accessible to everybody.

Aaron Barnet, Mixee Labs

Aaron Barnet is the lead developer and architect. Prior to starting MixeeLabs, he worked at a hedge fund building trading software. He loves programming, reads voraciously about technology and startups, and enjoys food. Aaron studied Computer Science at Yale.

You can contact him at aaron@mixeelabs.com.

Nancy Liang, Mixee Labs

Nancy Liang is the design and business lead for the team. Priority to MixeeLabs, she ran the Materials Product Group at Shapeways. She has experience in developing materials for 3D printing, as well as designing and producing 3D printed consumer facing products. Nancy studied Cognitive Science at Yale.

You can contact her at nancy@mixeelabs.com.

Thank You!

We'd like to take a second and thank some folks who developed awesome libraries we use, and properly attribute those whose creative assets we use and remix.

WebGL Libraries and Hacks

Mr. Doob/Three.js - Three.js is the WebGL library that we use to run some of our creators. Three.js also includes the original Blender to Three.js plugin, which we hacked to make work specifically with Shape Keys, Morph Targets, and tailored it for Mixee Labs
X3DOM - Another WebGL library that we use for some of our creators
Stickman Ventures - thanks to their original Shape Keys to WebGL demo, which we studied to make our Blender add on possible

The Noun Project a platform for symbols and icons

Bowling designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project
Profanity designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project
Worker designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project
Yoga designed by Juan Pablo Bravo from The Noun Project
Bicycle designed by Diego Naive from The Noun Project
Tie designed by Roman J. Sokolov from The Noun Project
Hat designed by richard pasqua from The Noun Project
Headphones designed by Luc Poupard from The Noun Project

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